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2021 BioCanRx Summer Studentships



BioCanRx Summer Studentships provide funding for undergraduate and college students to gain work experience in the Canadian cancer biotherapeutics research sector. The competitive application process ensures that, at the centre of these studentships, are innovative research projects and mentors dedicated to training the next generation of highly qualified personnel. This funding opportunity is open to BioCanRx network investigators and other Canadian-based investigators researching cancer immunotherapy. Note – at the time of the application deadline, students must have found an investigator to work with.



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Deadline to apply: February 26, 2021


Key Details:

  • The BioCanRx Summer Studentship Award provides $6,000 CAD in salary support for an undergraduate or college student to work on a cancer biotherapeutics research project in the lab of a BioCanRx-funded PI over a 14-week work term.
  • Research projects must clearly fall within the BioCanRx mandate and be collaborative in nature.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE TO STUDENTS: At the time of the application, students must have found a supervisor with whom they wish to work and have made arrangements with the proposed supervisor to co-apply to this award. If you are interested in working with a specific researcher, contact them as soon as possible. Please contact Megan Mahoney for help facilitating this process with existing BioCanRx Network Investigators. We cannot guarantee any placement with a network investigator. Please follow this link to obtain a list of eligible BioCanRx researchers.


Indigenous Summer Studentships


The BioCanRx Indigenous Summer Studentship Working Group is underway with developing the Indigenous Summer Studentship program, which is open to eligible Indigenous college and undergraduate students. Supervisors will be eligible to apply concurrently to both summer studentships.