Indigenous Student Summer Internship


The goal of the BioCanRx Indigenous Student Summer Internship Program is to provide Indigenous undergraduate university or college students with meaningful hands-on research or policy experience in the area of cancer. This is accomplished through internships with research groups at post-secondary institutions across Canada. Although BioCanRx’s mandate focuses on cancer immunotherapy and biotherapeutics, the BioCanRx Indigenous Student Summer Internships open to any cancer-related research or policy-related work including that with an Indigenous-oriented framework, such as Indigenous traditional knowledge. An additional intent of this program is to promote and strengthen Indigenous students’ participation in cancer research and policy and careers by providing networking, mentorship, and hands-on, practical experience opportunities.


This program is supported by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research who is providing support for up to three students working with Ontario-based researchers.



BioCanRx Indigenous Student Summer Internship Program Details 2024


BioCanRx Indigenous Student Summer Internship Application Form 2024


Watch an informational webinar here.

Deadline to apply: The 2024 Internship program is now open. Applications are due Friday February 16th, please see the program details document and application form below.


Open Research and Policy Stream


Placement with a professor working at a Canadian University in the following areas:


  • Clinical, social or economic impact research. This type of project aims to study and find potential solutions to social, legal, ethical, economic or health-systems barriers relating to cancer and patient care.
  • Indigenous Knowledge. This type of project incorporates Indigenous knowledge to study cancer, or to develop strategies to improve cancer care of Indigenous people.
  • Knowledge Translation. This type of project includes the development, implementation and/or measurement of materials, processes or applications used to improve cancer-related knowledge to Indigenous individuals or to a broader population.
  • Laboratory-based research. This type of project encompasses cancer research taking place in a laboratory setting.


You can find more information about BioCanRx’s funded Research Program on our website. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of what projects are eligible. If you have questions about the Open Stream regarding the fit of a project, supervisory eligibility or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact Megan Mahoney at


IMPORTANT NOTE TO STUDENTS FOR THE OPEN STREAM: At the time of the application, students must have found a supervisor with whom they wish to work and have made arrangements with the proposed supervisor to co-apply to this award. If you are interested in the Summer Studentship program, but have questions, please do not hesitate contacting Megan Mahoney ( or other listed Advisors below. Please note, we cannot guarantee any placement with a supervisor. You can find a list of BioCanRx funded investigators here. Please note you do not need to work with a BioCanRx investigator. As stated above your supervisor can be any investigator as long as they are doing cancer research or policy work at a Canadian Institution.


Please note that Indigenous students will also automatically be considered for the Summer Student program (inclusive of non-Indigenous students), and do not need to apply twice.