Working with us

How can we work together?

By sharing expertise, resources, and stakeholders, we will deliver cancer treatments that provide substantially greater outcomes for cancer patients. There are many ways of partnering with BioCanRx.



I'm a researcher


  • I’m looking for funding
  • I’m looking for training funds
  • I’m looking for partners for my grant application
  • I’m looking for expertise
  • I need a production facility
  • I’m looking for partners


If you are committed to moving these new therapies into the clinic, BioCanRx’s funding model is here to support your work. Our model for accelerating cancer biotherapeutics to the clinic fills existing gaps that are traditionally difficult-to-fund in the translational phase of development. Through a pipeline approach to our development portfolio, opportunities to collaborate exist in many forms along the way.


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I'm a trainee


  • I’m looking to explore the field of biotherapeutics
  • I’m looking for learning opportunities
  • I’m looking for career opportunities
  • I’m looking to connect with other trainees in the biotherapeutic space


BioCanRx’s HQP Training Program provides a multidisciplinary, multisectoral and networked training environment that will expose HQP to the clinical, social and economic impact of cancer biotherapeutics. The program offers opportunities that specifically address network needs and strengthens the knowledge and expertise within the Canadian cancer biotherapeutics community.


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I'm from industry


  • I’m interested in partnering to develop technologies in the BioCanRx portfolio
  • I’m looking for a partner to help develop a technology in our portfolio
  • I’m looking for highly qualified personnel


Industry engagement has been instrumental in the advancements in the field of biotherapeutics and they continue to have a critical role in the success of these technologies. Through our pipeline approach to our development portfolio, industry can invest in early stage translation of biotherapeutics right from lab to Phase 1 clinical trials. This pipeline approach is backed and validated by our strong, international review and oversight by key opinion leaders in the relevant technology fields. It is also backed by our training strategy that is building the health research capacity necessary to translate these novel approaches to cancer treatment. We are investing in world-class teams developing world-class therapeutic approaches, while improving the quality of the science, thereby improving the data and the therapies that move forward into clinical trials.


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I'm from a patient group or not-for-profit


  • I’m looking for information about biotherapeutics and immunotherapy
  • I’m interested in your clinical trials
  • I’m looking for an immunotherapy clinical trial
  • I’m looking for research being done on my cancer type
  • I want my organization to work with BioCanRx to support patients
  • I want my organization to support BioCanRx’s research projects.
  • I’m looking for a partner to help develop a technology in our portfolio
  • I’m looking for highly qualified personnel


Cancer patients need improved, curative treatment options. In some cancer types, treatment selection has not been improved in over 40 years. BioCanRx is ensuring that the focus of our collective investments are truly innovative and positioned for impact so that patients can benefit from the best that science has to offer. This requires the effort of many people and organizations with synergistic goals.


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I'm from government


  • I want to connect and showcase Canada’s expertise internationally
  • I’m looking for expertise on the potential health and economic impacts of the emerging biotech sector for cancer immunotherapy
  • I want more immunotherapy clinical trials in my province
  • I want my provincial government to support the work of BioCanRx
  • I want to support training in my province


Our investments, led by innovative projects and underpinned by investments in critical expertise and infrastructure, will grow the biotherapeutic R&D sector in Canada. Our research portfolio is based on a foundation of existing and previous Canadian investments in basic research. It leverages significant investments that have been made in bio-manufacturing infrastructure. It prepares the next generation of trained and qualified personnel to further develop the biotherapeutics platform. All of this is backed by our strategic focus on accelerating the arrival of these novel, curative therapies to patients.


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