BioCanRx is a pan-Canadian focused on impact for Canadian cancer patients. Our mission is to accelerate the development of biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer so patients can benefit from the best that Canadian science has to offer. We are doing this by coupling world class researchers and innovative cancer therapeutic discovery funded by Canadian investments in basic research, with the significant prior investment in infrastructure made by the Canadian government.


We provide specialized training to highly qualified personnel in the translational space of therapeutic development, making them industry-ready. We provide training to investigators in pre-clinical to clinical translation, accessing experts to ensure only the very best science gets to Canadian patients from coast-to-coast-to-coast.


By accelerating innovative therapeutic development, expanding biomanufacturing infrastructure, and training highly qualified personnel, we are geared to ensure Canada is primed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the unfolding promise of the immune-oncology space.


Through international review and oversight provided by our Research Management Committee (RMC) we are improving the quality of the science, thereby improving the quality of data and the therapies moving into clinical trials.


At BioCanRx, we:

  • Build on existing and previous investments in basic research;
  • Leverage existing and previous public investments in research infrastructure;
  • Ensure bio-manufacturing infrastructure and expertise meets the needs of researchers and Canadians;
  • Support the translation of Canadian technology to the next stage of development;
  • Train the next generation of researchers in preclinical to clinical translation and biomanufacturing;
  • Bring a collective voice of experts together to adapt current policies to the outcomes of biotherapeutics for cancer treatment in Canada;
  • Demonstrate the value of research investments to those that need it most: Canadian cancer patients and their families.


Key contact:

Dr. Stéphanie Michaud