Research Management Committee



The Research Management Committee (RMC) is made up of independent members whose primary role is to evaluate research proposals and actively help BioCanRx monitor the progress of its projects. The RMC will build and maintain a robust, competitive research portfolio founded on scientific excellence and network goals. All RMC funding and budget recommendations go to the Board of Directors for approval.


In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, the voting RMC is composed of independent and primarily international experts in biotherapeutics.




Dr. Dmitriy Zamarin
Medical Oncologist, Section Head, Gynecologic Medical Oncology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Dr. Awen Gallimore
Professor, Immunology, Infection and Immunity, Cardiff University
Dr. Jeffrey Hoch
Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, UC Davis
Dr. Sumithra Mandrekar
Professor of Biostatistics and Oncology at the Mayo Clinic (USA)
Michael Mee
Principal, Amplitude Ventures
Dr. Alan Melcher
Professor of Translational Immunotherapy, The Institute of Cancer Research, Chester Beatty Laboratories, London (UK)
Dr. Nicole Onetto
Former Deputy Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (Canada)
Dr. Isabelle Rivière
Vice President, Head of Oncology Cell Therapy Technologies and Product Engine, Takeda
Dr. Cliona Rooney
Professor, Baylor College of Medicine (USA)
Dr. Bruce Seet
Director, Medical Affairs, Sanofi-Pasteur (Canada)
Dr. Len Seymour
Professor of Gene Therapy, University of Oxford
Dr. Steven Xanthoudakis
Executive, Global Search and Evaluation, Business Development




Dr. John Bell
BioCanRx Scientific Director
Senior Scientist, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Professor, uOttawa


Dr. Kelvin Chan
Associate Scientist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)


Dr. Brad Nelson
BioCanRx Theme Leader
Director and Distinguished Scientist, Deeley Research Centre, BCCA
Professor, Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Victoria


Dr. Claude Perreault
Principal Investigator, IRIC
Professor, Faulty of Medicine, Université de Montréal
Hematologist, Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital





Dr. Stéphanie Michaud
President and CEO, BioCanRx


Megan Mahoney, PhD
Director, Scientific Affairs and Training Programs


Sara Esam
Senior Program Manager, College and Networks, Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)