HQP Development Committee



BioCanRx’s mission is to build and foster a network that accelerates Canada’s most promising biologically based cancer therapies into clinical trials. An essential component of BioCanRx’s success in achieving this mandate is training and development of highly qualified personnel (HQP) who are skilled in all aspects of clinical translation, from bench to clinic. For this reason, BioCanRx’s training mandate is targeted at HQP working in all relevant disciplines (e.g, virology, immunology, health policy, implementation and knowledge translation) and at all training and professional levels (e.g., from high school students to senior research and clinical staff).


The BioCanRx HQP Development Committee advises on training programs and initiatives, which consists of network investigators, technical staff leadership, industry partners, charities and HQP representatives from the BioCanRx network.






Harold Atkins, MD
Chair, HQP Development Committee, BioCanRx
Clinician Scientist, The Ottawa Hospital




Raja Ghosh, PhD
Professor, McMaster University


Bruce Seet, PhD
Director of Medical Affairs, Sanofi Pasteur


Linh Nguyen, PhD
Scientific Associate, University Health Network


Carolina Ilkow, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa


Risini Weeratna, PhD
Senior Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada


Megan Mahoney, PhD
Director of Scientific Affairs and Training Programs


Jennifer Quizi, PhD
Director of Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Operations, BioCanRx


Julian Lum, PhD
Senior Scientist, BC Cancer; Associate Prof., University of Victoria


Karin Hermans, PhD
Senior Research Associate, Donna Wall Lab (SickKids)




Sara Esam
Senior Program Manager, College and Networks, Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)