About BioCanRx

Mission – Accelerating to the clinic the most promising cancer immunotherapies designed to save lives and enable a better quality of life.


Vision – Turning all cancers into curable diseases.


BioCanRx is Canada’s Immunotherapy Network. Our vision is to turn all cancers into curable diseases. We are a network of scientists, clinicians, cancer stakeholders, academic institutions, NGOs and industry partners working together to accelerate the development of leading-edge immune oncology therapies for the benefit of patients. As a leader in the translation, manufacture and adoption of cancer immunotherapies, we invest in translating world-class technologies from the research lab into clinical trials. BioCanRx provides researchers with access to funding, expertise, training and biomanufacturing facilities. We train and develop the talent needed for a thriving Canadian health biotechnology sector. BioCanRx receives funding from the federal government’s Strategic Science Fund, and support from industry, the provinces and charities. The network is hosted by the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.




BioCanRx is funded through the Government of Canada’s Strategic Science Fund.


For more information on the Strategic Science Fund, please visit https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/strategic-science-fund/en.