“BioCanRx is bridging the gap between research excellence and opportunity!” – Dr. John Bell, BioCanRx Scientific Director


BioCanRx is advancing novel, life-saving Canadian biotherapeutics that could significantly improve the outcomes for cancer patients. BioCanRx funds the most innovative and most promising therapeutic strategies advanced by world class and multi-disciplinary research teams.


At BioCanRx, we are enabling the delivery of cancer biotherapeutics to clinical testing. We support traditionally difficult-to-fund work in the translational phase of development by enabling the preparation and submission of clinical trial applications. BioCanRx also funds state of the art facilities in support of these CTA-enabling activities. Additionally, our research program provides funding to evaluate and position the technologies for clinical, social and economic impact.


Available to our network is a wheelhouse of specialty expertise, training and infrastructure such as the BioCanRx core facilities and BioCanRx’s HQP Training Program. All of this is backed by the excellence found within the mandate and membership of our Research Management Committee (RMC).


Our aim is to improve the therapies that make it into clinical trials to ultimately transform the lives of thousands of Canadians receiving treatment every day.


What we offer:

  • Provide funds in the translational research space that are difficult to obtain through traditional funding sources to support transition of promising cancer biotherapeutics from the lab to the clinic
  • Match translational development needs with expertise;
  • Provide access to specialty infrastructure and services in the translational space;
  • Deliver strong project review from work leaders in the field that is quick, iterative and provides valuable feedback
  • Improve the quality of science, reducing the risk to patients and improving the therapies going to trial
  • Broker relationships with researchers, partners and stakeholders
  • Offer funds for specialty training.


Key contact:

Megan Mahoney


Our research investment approach:


Using a staged program approach and expertise and facilities of BioCanRx Core Facilities, we invest in the translational process required to take biotherapeutics from the lab to the clinic. Underpinning this staged biotherapeutic development is our Clinical, Social and Economic Impact Program that supports ethics, policy and heatlh systems adoption of immuneoncology biotherapeutics in the Canadian health system landscape. To learn more about our research program, click here.


BioCanRx’s international Research Management Committee reviews and provides oversight on our investment portfolio ensuring projects are delivering on their timelines. To learn more about our RMC click here.