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Dr. John Bell receives award for Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research

The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA) today announced that Dr. John Bell, BioCanRx’s Scientific Director, will receive the award for Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research for his pioneering work and ground-breaking scientific discoveries, which have propelled the entire field of oncolytic virus therapy forward, and his commitment to enabling translational research.   The award is… Read more »

Global News takes a look into the science of immunotherapy

Could immunotherapy – a novel method of treatment that harnesses your body’s own immune system to fight cancer – be the new front line for cancer treatment?   Global News 16X9 is providing viewers with a look at immunotherapy – a concept that is being dubbed the fourth pillar for cancer treatment. This approach to… Read more »

World-first clinical trial for oncolytic virus immunotherapy featured by The National

Last night, CBC TV’s The National introduced its audience to a novel clinical trial currently underway in Canada. The trial has been partially enabled by support from BioCanRx to manufacture the engineered viruses being given to the study’s participants.     The clinical trial is testing a new investigational therapy called oncolytic virus immunotherapy, which… Read more »

Health research champion Drew Lyall dies at 49

Media release   Andrew Lyall (Drew), founding President and CEO of BioCanRx, died this weekend, after he, his family and physicians waged a long fight against melanoma. He was 49.     Drew’s influence on health research, especially the biomedical world of stem cell research, was strong and unmistakable – extraordinary because he was not… Read more »

First cancer-killing virus therapy approved by the FDA

On Oct. 27, 2015, the U.S. FDA gave its first approval for the use of a cancer-killing virus therapy, or oncolytic virus. Specifically, the FDA approved Amgen’s Imlygic, which is generically known as T-VEC, for the treatment of melanoma lesions in the skin and lymph nodes.   “This approval is a huge milestone for the… Read more »

BioCanRx investigators receive $5M to develop virus therapy for prostate cancer

News item   Prostate Cancer Canada and the Movember Foundation have partnered to award $5 million to 2020 to a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and clinicians led by BioCanRx Scientific Director, Dr. John Bell. The team is mainly composed of BioCanRx network investigators who are working together to develop a treatment specifically for prostate cancer… Read more »

Dr. John Bell named Top 25 in Ottawa

News item   Our Scientific Director, Dr. John Bell, was honoured by Ottawa Life Magazine as one of the Top 25 People in Ottawa. He was recognized for pioneering research on virus therapy as a form of cancer treatment and as a world-renowned scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI). See Ottawa Life for… Read more »

Cancer patients treated in world-first clinical trial of Canadian viral therapy

Clinical Trials, Media release   Canadian researchers have launched the world’s first clinical trial of a novel investigational therapy that uses a combination of two viruses to attack and kill cancer cells, and stimulate an anti-cancer immune response. Previous research by this team and others worldwide suggests that this approach could be very powerful, and… Read more »

Pancreatic cancer loses viral defences when talking with supporting cells

Media release   Ottawa researchers have unlocked a way to make pancreatic cancer cells more vulnerable to cancer-killing viruses, known as oncolytic viruses. Outlined in a paper published today by Nature Medicine, the scientists have discovered how they can exploit the communication, or cross-talk, between pancreatic cancer and a specific cell type that supports the… Read more »

The Ottawa Hospital to host $60M national research network for innovative cancer treatments

Media release   BioCanRx network to focus on promising biotherapeutics such as oncolytic viruses, immune cells and synthetic antibodies   The Government of Canada announced $25 million today, with an additional $35M from partners, to create the first Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) devoted to cancer research. The NCE, called Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment… Read more »