BioCanRx investigators receive $5M to develop virus therapy for prostate cancer

News item
Prostate Cancer Canada and the Movember Foundation have partnered to award $5 million to 2020 to a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and clinicians led by BioCanRx Scientific Director, Dr. John Bell. The team is mainly composed of BioCanRx network investigators who are working together to develop a treatment specifically for prostate cancer using viruses that destroy cancer cells and boost the anti-cancer immune response — all while leaving normal cells unharmed. Although there has been advancement and promise in laboratory studies, these viruses are still experimental in early clinical tests. The award hopes to accelerate a clinical trial for patients whose prostate cancer has spread and become resistant to conventional treatment. Congratulations to principal co-investigators John Bell, Brian Lichty, Dave Stojdl, Jean-Simon Diallo, Fred Saad, Sébastien Hotte and Rodney Breau; and to co-investigators Eric Belanger, Jonathan Bramson, Dean Fergusson, Andrea McCart and Yonghong Wan. (Nine of the 12 team members have a current relationship with BioCanRx.)
See Global TV news story or Prostate Cancer Canada for details.