Dr. John Bell receives award for Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research

The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA) today announced that Dr. John Bell, BioCanRx’s Scientific Director, will receive the award for Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research for his pioneering work and ground-breaking scientific discoveries, which have propelled the entire field of oncolytic virus therapy forward, and his commitment to enabling translational research.

The award is given to a Canadian cancer researcher from any research discipline for outstanding lifetime achievements, which have had an impact in greatly advancing our understanding of cancer, the treatment of cancer, and/or cancer control.
Committed to “bench to beside” research, Dr. Bell has worked tirelessly to build the infrastructure to make these state-of-the-art immunotherapies a reality for patients, and through his participation in various community forums, he has made OV therapies understandable to patient populations.
Dr. Bell is a Senior Scientist in cancer therapeutics at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa. He is founder of the Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium, the first of its kind in the world, which aims to expand cancer viral therapy discovery and application at all levels and is also, Director of the Biotherapeutics Program for the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.
“These awards are our way to acknowledge the exceptional contributions made by these individuals,” says Dr. Stephen Robbins, Chair of the CCRA. “We are proud to highlight their achievements and the impact they have had on cancer research and the cancer research community.”
The awards will be presented during the CCRA’s Canadian Cancer Research Conference held in Vancouver from November 5-7, 2017. For more information about the conference, see http://conference.ccra-acrc.ca/.
Read the full news release including details of the other award recipients.