Simon Turcotte

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Associate professor, Department of surgery, Université de Montréal;
Physician, Hepatopancreatobiliary and liver transplantation division, CHUM;
Co-director, CHUM hepatopancreatobiliary cancer clinical database and biological specimen repository
Roger-Des-Groseillers chair in hepatobiliary and pancreatic oncological surgery, Université de Montréal


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Cancers of Interest

Liver, Pancreas, Melanoma


Research and clinical approaches

Characterization of immune recognition of liver and pancreatic cancers
Characterization of immune-suppressive pathways in liver and pancreatic cancers
Discovery of novel tumor antigens recognized by T cells
Clinical grade selection tumor-reactive T cells in the endogenous repertoire
Adoptive T cell transfer immunotherapy


Projects at BioCanRx

Recombinant TCRs to Target KRAS Hotspot Mutations in Pancreatic Cancer


The Selected Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocyte Against Refractory Melanoma-01 Trial (STAR-M01)


Improving adoptive cell transfer immunotherapy with clinical-grade cell sorting of tumor-reactive T cells infiltrating solid tumors


Recombinant TCRs and peptide-MHC antibodies to target KRAS hotspot mutations in pancreatic cancer


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