“Heal, boy: How companion animals can help find cures for human cancer” (The Globe and Mail)

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Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It affects us all. Even our furry friends that always manage to find food scraps, and even their essence, on our floors. In fact, companion dogs get cancer in a manner very similar to humans because they are genetically diverse and the cancer pops up in a multitude of ways.
Drs. Jason Moffat (University of Toronto), Paul Woods (University of Guelph), and Byram Bridle (University of Guelph) are conducting immunotherapeutic cancer research with companion dogs as a way of speeding up the process of finding therapies with the best promise of becoming successful therapies in humans.
BioCanRx is pleased to be partnering with Celgene to support this innovative approach to developing cancer biotherapeutics.
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