Dr. Ira Mellman discusses cancer immunotherapy

World-renowned scientist Dr. Ira Mellman sat down with CTV Atlantic to share his observations on cancer immunotherapy – it’s biology, it’s evolution and it’s potential.


Watch the interview here


Dr. Mellman first highlights that by training the immune system to recognize cancer cells as being different from normal cells – also known as T cell therapy – we can then equip the immune system with knowledge to seek and destroy cancer.


Dr. Mellman spoke to the exciting results that have been observed from patient responses to this therapy and to the need for further research to understand why this type of therapy works for some but not others.


Finally, Dr. Mellman explained the cancer immunotherapy cycle – a process by which to understand the various steps involved in generating a positive therapeutic immune response through the use of immunotherapy.


Dr. Mellman serves on BioCanRx’s Research Management Committee and is a keynote speaker at the inaugural Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy. To learn more about Dr. Mellman’s research, please visit Gene.com