BioCanRx and Partners New Project Funding Announcement

OTTAWA, ON – Friday, February 2, 2018 – BioCanRx and its partners today announce $1,917,833 in funding for two collaborative research projects and the second-stage funding of a current Catalyst project led by Dr. Simon Turcotte. These projects come out of the latest round of BioCanRx’s full applications.


Funding partners for these projects include Formation Biologics Inc., The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Institut du Cancer de Montreal, Pancreas Centre BC, Research Chair Roger Des Groseillers, The Terry Fox Research Institute and University of Montreal.


These two projects highlight partnerships across the BioCanRx network, with research teams comprised of researchers, clinicians and trainees working together to find improved treatment options and outcomes for cancer patients.
Here are the objectives of the two-funded projects:

  • Dr. Karen Mossman’s Catalyst project  aims to develop a targeted combination immunotherapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer and metastatic forms of breast cancer, and to generate foundational knowledge that can inform other cancer types.
  • Dr. James Koropatnick’s Enabling Study project aims to provide the basis for the Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls (CMC) sections of the AVID200 Canada Clinical Trial Applications (CTAs) that will be submitted to Health Canada. AVID200 is an antibody-like drug candidate designed to trap and neutralize TGFß with high potency.

Read the two new full project summaries:

In vivo genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 screen to identify genes that limit curative checkpoint blockade immunotherapy in triple negative breast cancer


Advanced preclinical development of AVID200: Preparing for immunotherapy clinical trials