BioCanRx, Network of Networks and Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Release Webinar about Cancer Clinical Trials

OTTAWA, ON – November 1, 2017 –
BioCanRx, Network of Networks (N2) and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation are excited to announce the release of a collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Webinar. Originally designed and developed as a training tool for cancer coaches at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, the webinar proved to have a broader application in supporting people living with cancer, helping to raise awareness and educating the public about cancer clinical trials.


“We are incredibly proud of this resource,” says Linda Eagen, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation President and CEO. “It is a fantastic tool for our Cancer Coaches, but also an incredible resource for anyone who is interested in learning about cancer clinical trials and becoming more active participants in their own care.”


The 105-minute webinar features presentations by Dr. Natasha Kekre (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute) and Faye Aspelund (The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre) who explore the science of clinical trials and their coordination. Jill Hamer-Wilson also shares her first-hand experience as a patient participating in a cancer clinical trial.


“Through clinical trials, we can find better treatments and ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer,” explains Eagen, “and so it’s no wonder our clients have so many questions about clinical trials.”


“N2’s mission is to enable and enhance clinical research capability and capacity in Canada. This includes helping people understand what clinical research and clinical trials are, and providing them with information to make informed decisions about their participation in research. We were pleased to collaborate with N2 member BioCanRx and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation to bring information to and answer questions from their cancer coaches about clinical trials” says Jim Yankovich, Vice-Chair of the N2 Board.


BioCanRx’s President and CEO, Stéphanie Michaud, adds: “Our vision is to enhance the quality of life of those living with cancer by working to provide curative therapies. Clinical trials are the key to accomplishing this. So in addition to supporting research, we’re partnering with organizations like N2 and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, who share the desire to create tools that raise awareness about cancer clinical trials and help build capacity in supporting people living with cancer so more people can access these trials.”.


The webinar addresses some of the following questions:

  • What are cancer clinical trials?
  • Why do we do them?
  • Why might someone want to participate in a clinical trial?
  • Where do they happen?
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of taking part in a clinical trial?
  • What can I expect?


The webinar also features a section on existing resources available to the public, where people can find more information about cancer clinical trials and where to find trials.


Watch the webinar and view the slides below:

Find the webinar slides here:

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