BioCanRx and partners announce $6.5M in funding for three new projects including a clinical trial

OTTAWA, ON – Thursday, May 4, 2017 – Today, BioCanRx and its partners announce $6,559,857 in funding for three collaborative research projects including a clinical trial that will have five sites throughout Canada. These novel therapies projects come out of the latest round of full applications.

Funding partners for these projects include Turnstone Biologics, Ovarian Cancer Canada, Ottawa District Freemasons, University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Ontario Research Fund and Prostate Cancer Canada.

These national research teams are lead by Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo, Dr. Brian Lichty, and Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden, and are comprised of researchers, clinicians and trainees working together to find improved treatment options and outcomes for cancer patients.

Find the objectives and further details of the three-funded projects below:


  • Dr. Diallo’s Catalyst project aims to optimize a scalable manufacturing process to produce oncolytic Measles Virus (MV), Maraba MG-1 (MG-1) as well as lentivirus (LV) destined for producing CAR T-cells.
  • Dr. Lichty’s Clinical Trial will evaluate the safety and anti-tumour activity of Ad/MG1-E6E7 oncolytic vaccine in patients with HPV-associated tumours.
  • Dr. Vanderhyden’s Catalyst project will determine the efficacy of anti-FGL2 therapy on ovarian cancer, alone or in combination with oncolytic virus therapy.


The full project summaries:


Scalable Vector Manufacturing Enhancement Using Viral Sensitizers


A Phase 1/2, Multicenter, Open-label Trial of Oncolytic MG1 Expressing Mutant Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) E6 and E7 (MG1-E6E7), with Adenovirus Vaccine Expressing Mutant HPV E6 and E7 (Ad-E6E7) in Patients with HPV Positive Solid Tumours


Evaluation of FGL2 as a therapeutic target in ovarian cancer