Cancer biotherapeutics: A new pillar for cancer treatment


Biotherapeutics – including cancer-killing viruses, immune cell therapies and antibody therapies – are the most exciting and promising cancer treatments ever to emerge in the field of oncology. All of these therapies have mechanisms that enlist the powers of the immune system (are immunotherapeutic), are highly promising and targeted, and are the subject of much excitement in research.


Biotherapeutics are designed to specifically target cancer cells without harming healthy cells, which results in greater effectiveness and fewer, less severe, side effects. Even in early phase clinical trials, biotherapeutics have provided complete remission for a number of patients who had run out of treatment options.


BioCanRx has been pioneering this emerging field as a new pillar for cancer treatment. Through investments in research and the active involvement of all stakeholders from government, regulatory, industry and charities, this pillar will provide meaningful, significant and positive impacts for cancer patients in Canada and around the world.