Not-for-profit, charities and patient groups

At BioCanRx, we are focused on accelerating promising cancer immuno biotherapeutics into clinical trials, with a particular interest in testing combination biotherapies. We have a pipeline approach to our development portfolio from proof of concept research to phase 1 clinical trials. Through international review and oversight provided by our Research Management Committee (RMC) we are improving the quality of the science, thereby improving the quality of data and the therapies moving into clinical trials.


We are also providing specialized training to highly qualified personnel in the translational space of therapeutic development, making them industry-ready.


Together, we can:

  • Leverage donor funds, building on existing and previous investments in basic research;
  • Accelerate the arrival of cancer biotherapeutics into the clinics to patients who need it most;
  • Improve the quality of science to reduce risk to patients and improve the efficacy of therapies going to trial;
  • Develop relevant content for patient community with respect to cancer biotherapeutics, clinical trials in cancer biotherapeutics, and physician education;
  • Bring a collective voice of experts together to adapt current policies to the outcomes of biotherapeutics for cancer treatment;
  • Provide a vehicle to foster synergistic research collaboration in the area of cancer biotherapeutics by supporting our project portfolio;
  • Provide support through cancer coaching programs across Canada;
  • Through BioCanRx’s annual scientific meeting, Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy, connect with researchers who are leading ground-breaking advancements in this field.


Key contact:

Dr. Stéphanie Michaud