BioCanRx has been an invaluable partner in helping the founding scientists and academic institutions advance the technology to a point where investors could be brought in.” – Sammy Farah, CEO, Turnstone Biologics Inc.


BioCanRx has an incredible opportunity to advance novel, life-saving Canadian biotherapeutics that could significantly improve the outcomes for cancer patients. To maximize the success and impact of innovative discoveries in Canada, BioCanRx fosters and invests in industry-academic partnerships in the cancer biotherapeutic sector.


Our pipeline approach to our development portfolio leverages industry investments in early stage biotherapeutic translation (from proof of concept research to phase 1 clinical trials). Through international review and oversight provided by our Research Management Committee (RMC), we manage our project portfolio. Our projects are not traditional grants – our RMC actively oversees project progress and direction and identifies strategic opportunities to make new investments or merge projects within the portfolio. BioCanRx has also invested in projects aimed at elevating the quality and reproducibility of data, thereby improving the quality of data and the therapies moving into clinical trials.


We are also providing specialized training to highly qualified personnel in the translational space of therapeutic development, making them industry-ready. Much of our training efforts are focused on GMP and GLP training and also providing exposure to broader issues related to getting a new drug to the clinic.


Partnering with our network will provide Industry with network-level access to our core facilities, infrastructure and resources.


Together, we can:

  • Leverage investment in biotherapeutic development and co-develop technologies to move innovation into the next phase of development;
  • Fund rational combinations of biotherapeutics;
  • Marry expertise to decide on investment in the development of these technologies;
  • Invest in projects validated by strong, international review;
  • De-risk future investment by obtaining better data as technologies move through the pipeline;
  • Improve the quality of science to reduce risk to patients and improve therapies going to trial;
  • Through BioCanRx’s annual scientific meeting, Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy, connect with researchers who are leading ground-breaking advancements in this field.


Key contact:

Dr. Stéphanie Michaud